Asset Management

Asset Management is all about “buying right” with proper due diligence. We believe that valuation yields can be enhanced by “sweating” assets, maximising occupancy & rents and minimising non-recoverable outgoings. Afflatus Consulting works with landlords and tenants, managing, renewing or restructuring their property portfolio over time. We also maintain a close relationship with tenants. We maximise returns by adopting a “hands on” active management policy of constantly reviewing available space, strategic restructuring of leases & tenancies, maintenance of occupational standards, upgrading of space and minimising outgoings. We take care of Asset Acquisitions & Disposals for our clients where strategic timing is crucial for a maximised portfolio return.

Whether for investors or owner-occupiers, whether it involves Residential Apartments complex or diverse commercial portfolios, Afflatus Consulting performs strategic and operational asset management in line with its Mandate.

Afflatus Consulting draws on end-to-end expertise in all asset classes throughout the entire property lifecycle, from acquisition and development through to cost-effective and value-optimising management all the way through to the property sale.

The strategic phase of the commercial real estate process is where there is the greatest opportunity to execute a major capital improvement program, maximise cost savings, and generate lasting benefits through revenue preservation or growth. Starting with an understanding of what you want to achieve from your business, we formulate and deliver focused and custom-made solutions tailored specifically for you and according to your needs.

Our process is very simple – we understand and validate your need, we formulate solutions for that need, and then we provide a program for implementation. These services include:

• Analyzing the current status of your commercial real estate asset(s);

• Identifying future requirements for amplifying the potential of your holding;

• Modelling alternative recommendations to take your vision to the next level;

• Back-up information and analysis to support the recommendations we make.